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About SattaTree / Biographie


( Roots-Reggae/Dub )

Sattatrees lead singer and composer Jimmy I Muze is touching the audience with his message. Located in the multicultural center of Berlin,the roots-reggae band Sattatree found itself in 2007.

In 2008 Sattatree produced songs like "Judgement Day ", " Rootsman " and their  hit " Babylon." Two years later appears Sattatrees debut album " Rootsman " at the Berlin based Reggae and Dublabel One Drop Music. A half year after  the release of " Rootsman "  the label coupled out the single "Babylon" . Within a few weeks the single was internationally sold out . Together, the band won the 2012 European Reggae Contest for Germany and the German speaking countries. They performed concerts nationally and internationally. Meanwhile, the band Sattatree has become an institution in the reggae scene, experiencing a whole new hype especially in Berlin.

Just in time for Summer 2013 Sattatree released their new album "Human Legalization " . They recorded the new songs at Planet Earth studio in Berlin Kreuzberg . Aldubb mixed and mastered the album and  it appeared  again on the successful One - Drop Music label .

In 2015 SattaTree played as the opening act of the legendary reggae band Inner Circle on the ReggaeInBerlin Festival. The current band members are Lisa I Muze (melodica, backing vocals & keys), Kwame Some timers Gbemu (bass & drums, backing vocals, co-producer), Jan Korda (keys), Jeff Chappah (guitar, bass & backing vocals), Miguel Alejandro Miranda Lagos (drums, co-producer),Bini Zion (bass, guitar & backing vocals), Fabiano Lima & Joao Alencar (percussion), Jimmy I Muze (singer, guitar, composer, producer, songwriter).


Currently SattaTree working on the album no. 3 and recordings and the mixing takes place in Puto-Pruductions. Miguel Alejandro Miranda Lagos is running the studio and the maker of the studio.


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Foto  by: Manuel Genolet, Thomas Fischer, Sunrise Reggae & Ska Festival & Klaus Gollin 


News & Dates


Reggae Night in Eisenach

Reggae Night in Eisenach Reggae Festival live with SattaTree Band   mehr


B-Day-Bash live with SattaTree Band

B-Day-Bash live with SattaTree Band in Zwickau. More informations follow soon......   mehr



Der Ortrander Kultur-Güter-Schuppen lädt zur großen Reggae Party. Als Live Act wird Sattatree mit feinsten Roots Reggae die Besucher verzaubern, der seinesgleichen in Deutschland sucht. Unterstützt von Aldubb,...   mehr


SattaTree-Band live @ culture comtainer - Berlin

Kind of crowd founding. You will come and support the live recording concert of SattaTree only with a 5€ dontation. Next we will present you soon a live album or an ep with few tunes. Na miss the chance , come...   mehr


Let's Jam live with Jimmy I Muze aka SattaTree

Let's Jam live with Jimmy I Muze aka SattaTree   mehr

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Music-productions / Musikproduktionen




Video "Babylon"